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To become a liquor agency

If you would like to import and market a manufacturer's or supplier's liquor products you'll need to become a registered liquor agency.

You can find information in our Liquor Agency Registration Guidelines or refer to the registration requirements below.

How to register

The following items must be sent to AGLC:

  1. A registration fee of $200 cash, cheque or money order payable to AGLC (must be hard copy);
  2. An Application for Liquor Agency Registration form (can be emailed);
  3. A criminal record check (must be original and no older than 90 days) from the RCMP (or local police) for all directors and shareholders of the applicant company. If you are applying as an individual, you must provide the check.(must be received as the original hard copy and cannot be emailed or photocopied);
  4. A Particulars of Individual form for all directors and shareholders of the applicant company. If you are applying as an individual, you must provide this document (can be emailed);
  5. A Particulars of Incorporation of Company form for the applicant company and all shareholding companies of the applicant company, or a Particulars of Partnership form for the applicant registered partnership and all general and registered partners of the applicant registered partnership (can be emailed);
  6. A Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation for the applicant company showing registration in Alberta (can be emailed);
  7. A Letter of Authorization using the exact wording on this form letter, printed on supplier letterhead, confirming appointment of an agent, and naming a consignment payee (can be emailed);
  8. A Letter of Understanding using the exact wording on this form letter, printed on agency letterhead, acknowledging the supplier’s authorization to represent products(s) and naming a consignment payee (can be emailed);
  9. A Business Plan. See business plan requirements and contact information below;
  10. An Acknowledgement and Undertaking form (can be emailed); and
  11. An Electronic Funds Transfer Request (can be emailed).

You can call 780-447-8600 (extension 8848) or toll-free 1-800-272-8876 (extension 8848) for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Please send the completed items above (other than the business plan) to:

You can also mail them to:

AGLC Liquor Licensing
50 Corriveau Ave
St. Albert, AB Canada
T8N 3T5

Please note that some of the above items must be received in hard copy and cannot be emailed. These include the original criminal record check and the registration fee.

Business plans should be sent to the Business Plan Contact below.

After registration

  • AGLC will provide a form you can use to access the Liquor Agency Portal so you can register new products and manage your own pricing.
  • Product may be purchased at wholesale prices based on AGLC policies and guidelines. Product may only be used to provide samples to licensees.
  • AGLC will provide information regarding charges and costs for warehousing product. Connect Logistics Services Inc. (CLS) operates a warehouse responsible for managing product on behalf of AGLC. Liquor is distributed from the warehouse to retailers throughout the province.
  • Agents are required to provide quarterly forecasted inbound volumes (cases shipped to the CLS warehouse) and outbound volumes (sales in Alberta and transfers to other provinces) when AGLC requests them to do so. These forecasts allow CLS to plan warehouse capacity and personnel requirements.

Business Plan Information


1. Illustrate your understanding of the liquor industry/consignment program;

2. Describe your related experience; and

3. Include a market plan. Provide a three-year financial plan that includes projections of the following items for each year:

Volumes of cases inbound into the CLS warehouse;

Outbound sales in Alberta and transfers to other provinces by stock keeping units;

Expenses listing each item separately. Examples include:

- Product cost;
- Transportation;
- Insurance;
- Salaries, wages and benefits;
- Marketing and promotion;
- Bank charges and interest;
- Professional fees(legal, accounting); and
- Office expenses and administration.


You will need to include warehouse charges:

- Receiving;
- Assembly;
- Storage;
- Administration;
- Risk management; and
- New product listing surcharge.


Refer to the Connect Logistics Liquor Agency & Supplier Handbook for rates. Once you are registered you can request a copy of this handbook by contacting the Supply Chain Department at

4. Revenue from Alberta sales; and

5. Profit/loss (a spreadsheet template is available electronically upon request).


Business Plan Contact

Please direct business plan inquired to:

Joe Lu, Liquor Supply Chain Analyst

Liquor Supply & Distribution

Phone: 780-577-6915


You can also email inquires to