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Use of gaming proceeds

How proceeds can be used

  • all use of proceeds must follow the Charitable Gaming Policies Handbook
  • a group may only use proceeds for expenses that are essential to its charitable programs
  • AGLC assesses each use to see if it complies with policies; a use of proceeds that is not accommodated in policies is not eligible

How to ask for approval

  • a group may add to or change its use of gaming proceeds at any time
  • a group is not required to show on each gaming licence application how it intends to use proceeds
  • a group must get AGLC approval before using any proceeds
  • a group may fill out a Request to Amend Gaming Proceeds
  • two current executive members must sign all requests to use proceeds
  • all requests must include any required support documentation or completed forms
  • AGLC will mail the group’s Current Use of Proceeds List to the treasurer
  • a group that has an AGLC web account can view its Current Use of Proceeds List at any time

Timelines for using proceeds

Groups must use gaming proceeds within 24 months after receiving the proceeds. Any extension of this time must have prior written approval. The group must identify the amount, project end date and purpose.

What is cost recovery?

  • cost recovery means a group may only use proceeds to pay for costs that are not already covered by revenue
  • a group may charge a fee for people to take part in a program or have other revenue or grants
  • if the fees or revenue do not cover all expenses, the group may request approval to use gaming proceeds

Guidelines for use of proceeds

The following guidelines assist with some common eligible uses of gaming proceeds:

Required forms

You must use these forms for these specific use of proceeds requests:

Additional forms

You will find these forms helpful, but not mandatory, for these use of proceeds requests:

You can use this form to update AGLC about your current executive: